Julien Feller is a carver born on April 26th in 1994. Julien studied for three years at the Institute Saint-Luc of Tournai where he succeeded brilliantly, having received the First Prize from jury of carving and the prestigious “Bloc d’Or” prize from his Institute. In 2017 he received a nomination for "le prix Godefroid" in the province luxembourg (Belgium). While studying Julien trained under the carver Master Patrice Degand, who introduced the art of carving to the young man.


Meanwhile, Julien had influential encounters with likes of Denis Bruyère, a Belgian ébèniste, Marie-Reine Detroye, a gilder, also Belgian, the Alton Bowman, an American conservator and Yannick Chastang, a french cabinetmaker. And each of these encounters were vital to him, as he acquired further skills and experience. Also he received multiples acknowledgements in United states of America for his carving performance.

Yet, the masterpiece of the young carver remains his wooden replica of the Brussels’ lace produced in 2018.

Today Julien is mostly influenced by the art of Renaissance from Italy as well as Grinling Gibbons’ work from 17th century. He aspires the discipline to work applied by great masters such as Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Ghiberti and some other great masters of the same period; they all are a true reference to him; not only he admires them and he is also inspired by them in his creations.

Furthermore, Grinling Gibbons influenced Julien in his way of using the ornamental decorations and his contemporary perception of these arts. Julien has nonetheless developed his own style to make lace, which can be witnessed in the way that he refines material with the aim to achieve a realism close to reality.