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Julien Feller is a Belgian born sculptor . Julien studied for three years at the Institut Saint-Luc of Tournai where he succeeded brilliantly, having received multiple prizes from his art academy. While studying Julien trained under the carver Master Patrice Degand, who introduced the art of carving to the young man. In 2019, he was awarded from the Belgian foundation VOCATIO and on the international stage have been recommended by Michelangelo Foundation to be part of HomoFaber Guide. 


photo : Pascal Chevallier

Meanwhile, Julien had influential encounters that brought him multiple time out of Belgium to collaborate as for having exhibitions. Place that lead him to United State Of America, United Kingdom or notorious show as Homo Faber or De Mains De Maitres in Luxembourg.


Established sculptor since 2017, Julien learned his carving technics in a very exigeant way. Indeed following the research on Grinling Gibbons and the school of micro-carvers from the XIVth century, Julien developed a very personal way to create lace in a trompe-l'oeil using traditional tools and technic. 

"" The pieces I create are an expression of my sensitivity. For me, sculpting is the ideal way of communicating these inner feeling with others.""

Yet, the masterpiece of the young carver remains a great trompe-l'oeil lace a created for Homo Faber in 2022


Today Julien is mostly influenced by the art of Renaissance from Italy as well as Grinling Gibbons’ work from 17th century. He aspires the discipline to work applied by great masters such as Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Ghiberti and some other great masters of the same period; they all are a true reference to him; not only he admires them and he is also inspired by them in his creations.


Since 2018 Julien is developing is own lace pattern. He is combining his knowledge for ornament and research made across history to create new unique model. The carved lace he is sculpting are lace model that doesn't exist as real and Julien is making sure to make his composition unique.  

Since 2021 he receive young students carver as intern who come from great schools such as the school of Revel (France) or Institut Saint-Luc (Belgium) to teach them traditional ornamental carving and sharing his knowledge.

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